Will re-visit possibilties of a test this winter

NEXT NET will be Tues July 17 @ 8:30 EDT


Sean, WX8L is Going to chat with us on his "ASL Micro-node/HotSpot " !
You GOTTA Check Out His How-2 Page !

Still working on additional for the net - Full Connection Data for the net below !

Please email me if you wish to sign-up/volenteer on a more permanant basis for our infrastructure. -KB8JNM
But I like to see some new faces/nodes every once in a while. Special Thanks to KA1MXL & KE6UPI for Node connections

EchoLink East KB8JNM-L 155783 and West KB8JNM-R 804396

In Region 0 & 1 Please use  Node 45592
In Region 2 & 3  Please use Node 45595
In Region 4 & 5 , Please use Node 29999
In Region Please use Node  2060
In Region 7, 8 & 9, Please use Node 29567

LATE CONNECTS (after start time) Please use Node 29993 or 49999

Know That if you do not connect early where we can balance any load indifference we may have,
You may not be able to connect to the above nodes and may have to connect 'DOWNSTREAM' of these connections,
as many may close when full or at the start of the net.

You may use the Bubble Map to find a connection downstream if you are unable to connect 'late'.

I will take inbound questions for the NET (no coresponadance/reply) at  ' KB8JNM [AT] '  <dot mobi

Helpfull reference going forward and after the net: (will be revised)
Debian Pi Image

Importnat first steps README
Some tools you might need along the way to 'IMG' your SD Card - Rufus   & Win32IMG

Yes.... we are doin' 'STUFF' !
...mike/kb8jnm       Things I sell to support my operations:
(this server alone that is running & Node costs me $40 monthly at for 4core 8gb)
Call Sign Window Stickers
Skywarn  Stickers
Skywarn Mag-Signs
Large Skywarn Mag-Signs

Personalized Skywarn Mag-Signs
ECOMM Mag-Signs