From June 2018

Special Thanks  To  N4IRS/Steve and N4IRR/Mike for the Follow-up Information on the ongoing subject of DVswitch and Allstar.
And all of the supporting nodes that 'SHARE' the connection bandwidth for the NET !

Info From the last NETs:

PortiPi / ? That's what I'm calling mine !
WX8L SEAN QRZ  and His ASL Pi HotSpot with a BF-888 

DIGITAL TEST REFLECTORS :,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,19322451

Reflectors:    Port = 43166  TG = 3166     Port = 42166  Port = 41400  TG = 3166             Port = 62031  password = passw0rd

Problems navigating GROIPS.IO ?
I'm with ya...
Here are some short links to take you to the specific area of your interest (please bookmark them since this page will be overwritten soon) MAIN DVswitch (general allstar stuff is accessible from there)
Here is the list of 'SUB-GROUPS'
After doing this, I realized that the needed navigation was in the LEFT MENU, I must be 'blind'.

YES, It is true, you can create a DMR Talk Group with 'YOUR DMR ID'...  we will come back to this topic in datail soon.

Node Load Testing Anyone ? Real World Load-Test - Find Out How Many Streams Your Node Will Support !
Comming soon (watch for date/time/ sign-up details TBA)
The outline of this is,
You sign-up for NODE-LOAD-TESTING via email, we put you on a list and at specific times,
We all meet up on a special group links, then...
we send nodes in blocks of 5 at a time to connect to your node 'till you scream mercy' and stop us.
This will not break your install if you hit that overload point, but you should be prepared to re-boot and help us continue down the list in 5 min intervals to next node,
And I think this may even be FUN ! You report back to us so we might compile the data for everyone to see the resourses and limits.
The the point of the matter is, you will have some idea what the maximum stream output of your node is so you can prevent it from exceeding that threashold.
Therory is great but a real world load test is hard to beat since now you will be considering every memory proccess that happens with your node.
I would like to do these once a year at least. Perhaps twice a year if enough sign-up !

PlayBack of the NET ?
I am working on a script to allow you to playback any net we have by just connecting to the playback node and will just play it all back (minus interference and interuption) with proper breaks as so not to time-out systems. We will let you know when that is available.
This will allow you to carry the net on your repeater/node at a time that is convienient for your group and avoid sched dup's.
But we also hope to make the files directly available to you for download to use as you wish.
But I will share the script when it has been finished and tested well.

Special Note:
I use to do a set of web pages with nothing more than 'NOTEPAD' to show how easy it is to create them in HTML.
Many of you have lots of learning to do with some of this, but we all do in some area. Since this page is hosted on the same server as the 29999 node, I did not want to load it down with a bunch or server side PHP scripts except that which we use for ALLMON.
PHP takes away from the CPU cycles available for VOIP services.
So to make it graphicly easy to work with, without putting a full Wordpress install in place ( PHP Heavy ), Now, I just use a open source program called KompoZer.
This will allow you to make simple HTML pages for your very own web on your node with some level of speed and without loading your server down from any traffic.
Just thought you might like to know why these pages are done simply and not fancy. Anyone can do this if you want ! And I encourage it !

Want to have your own NET ?
I certainly encourage it ! This high bandwidth node is certainly available as your resourse for helping put that together. Plus, I have a list of folks that seem to feel and have the same.
KA1MXL/Kevin, KA3VGM/Jim, KE6UPI/David should also be on your list for help to that end.
Just ASK ! You will need to do the planning and promoting. Glad to lend a hand or advise.

Some Links from discussion 06/19/2018:

Slideshow During Presentation

Join The Group Discussion - DVswitch @

How2 ASL<>DMR with DVswitch - "DRAFT HOW2"

Other quick reference links: (just a 'starter' reference)
Listen to DMR Talk Group 91 (WorldWide)

DMR For Dummies:
Registar for DMR ID :

Getting started cheap hardware: (not endorsing anything)

MMDVM Hardware: (just a idea of what you are looking for)

HomeBrew MMDVM -
Pi (make sure you are getting one that fits your hardware/software needs)


Some tools you might need along the way to 'IMG' your SD Card - Rufus   & Win32IMG

Most Common 'good' starter radio DMR-UHF is a TYT/TyTera MD-380:

Latest Software for the MD380:
MD380 Code Plug Data Only :
State of Ohio :
Kansas City :
CodePlug Vault :
DVswitch - dv gateway for AllStarLink
How2 ASL<>DMR with DVswitch - "DRAFT HOW2"

Test Reflectors

What is NXDN digital mode ?